Crash reporting tools help detect and diagnose the cause of a crash to find the perfect solution for it.

Crash reporting tools:

  • Collect crash data on devices running the app.
  • Detect the device or environment where the crash happened.
  • Produce crash reports describing what was wrong and identifying the potential cause of the crash.

Catching crashes early helps you test and detect glitches before the app is released. This is our Top 5 to ensure your app’s reliability, in real-time.


Crashlytics is an excellent tool for determining an app’s health. This tool is great for developers who wish to find and fix crashes faster to concentrate more on app development. It is a preferred tool for freelancing developers and small enterprises mainly because it is free and can be used at flexible scales.

A vital feature of Crashlytics is its customizable and all-inclusive crash report. It contains a complete analysis of the crash with the cause and practical tips on how to fix it. Crashlytics has multi-platform compatibility, including Android and iOS.


Countly offers proficient crash reporting features with robust analytics tools. Countly is an open-source mobile and web analytics platform that tracks critical and non-critical issues to enable full app health.

Countly is a real-time platform that creates up-to-date insights on improving app stability. It explains the exact errors responsible for the crash incidences, and has crash report segments that contain information about the OS, device, carrier, etc. Overall, the tool aids developers with full stack traces and tailored log information to recognize the error patterns and fix them accordingly.


Raygun is a top choice for full app crash monitoring and reporting. iOS developers mostly favor it; however, it offers crash reporting functions for other platforms. Raygun is a highly inclusive tool that supports more than 30 languages and frameworks. It offers an unparalleled crash report, including a detailed analysis of the app crash. Its unique features, such as quick data collection, simple integrability, and an integrated dashboard, make Raygun the top choice for iOS crash reporting.


Bugsnag provides many distinctive features that many other top-ranking tools don’t. It is a robust monitoring tool that helps you avoid those 1-star app ratings by preventing and fixing crashes quickly. This tool supports over 50 platforms, including Python, Unity, Swift, Javascript, etc. Bugsnag informs the developers of fixed and imminent errors in real-time. It offers pay-per-user plans, which makes it an excellent choice tool for smaller enterprises.


Sentry is one of the top best crash reporting tools used by developers. It offers an SDK that supports various platforms, including Windows, iOS, Android, etc. Sentry is predominantly deployed on production versions because it groups data to allow developers to easily discover trends on large datasets.

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