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Best IDE for Web Development in 2022

Web development has evolved rapidly, and with that great advancement, developers are increasingly looking for more powerful IDEs (Integrated Development Environment). IDEs enable software developers to implement their ideas and see their websites in action. Its basic functions include coding, editing, testing, and debugging. Furthermore, advanced IDEs provide a plethora...

Are WordPress Bloggers Going Ghost? Wordpress vs Ghost CMS

The WordPress Content Management System (CMS) began as a simple blogging platform, despite being one of the most popular CMS in the world. It has since become the platform of choice for some of the largest and most complex websites available today. However, it continues to be a blogging powerhouse....

Top 5 Best Crash Reporting Tools for React Native in 2022

Crash reporting tools help detect and diagnose the cause of a crash to find the perfect solution for it. Crash reporting tools: * Collect crash data on devices running the app. * Detect the device or environment where the crash happened. * Produce crash reports describing what was wrong and identifying the potential...

What is Spark SQL?

Spark SQL is the module that brings SQL support to Spark for processing structured data stored in its distributed datasets (Spark RDDs) and external data sources. Spark SQL provides an integrated development experience for developers by allowing them to merge SQL queries with functions from Dataframes API. Also, it enables...

Remix Run vs Next.js - Which is the Right React Framework for Your Project?

There are a number of frameworks built on top of React today, including Gatsby, Next.js, Remix, Redwood, Blitz, and others. In the past few years, Next.js has become one of the most popular frameworks thanks to its focus on performance, developer experience, and tight integration with Vercel deployment...

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