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Amazon Web Services (AWS), the oldest cloud computing service provider, still dominates the world’s Cloud Market. According to the research done by the Synergy Research Group, with 34 percent of the worldwide cloud infrastructure market in the second quarter of 2022, Amazon is still ahead of its biggest competitors, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and others. What makes AWS so special that Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, and others are still trying to catch up?

Well, it is not only one specific reason that contributes to Amazon's continuous success but also several factors that make it better than its competitors.

AWS keeps introducing innovative products and services

First, Amazon has many innovative cloud products and services that serve every imaginable use case. It keeps adding new capabilities with the latest innovations faster than other cloud technology providers.

AWS Global Cloud Infrastructure provides high availability,  efficiency, and scalability

When considering the global cloud infrastructure, Amazon has the largest cloud infrastructure that spans 84 Availability Zones (AZ) within 26 geographic regions worldwide, serving 245 countries. They also have plans to add 24 more AZs and eight more regions. Azure cloud infrastructure still spans 140 countries and Google Cloud 200+ countries worldwide. Adding to those cloud infrastructure, Amazon services like CloudFront, global accelerator, Aurora global databases, and edge locations allow users to deploy applications with minimal latency and high efficiency.  Thus, Amazon is at the top of the game regarding high availability and scalability factors.

AWS is the leader in cloud AI developer services

Another reason AWS makes it so special is its innovative and broader AI developer services than other cloud providers. Amazon SageMaker, allows developers to quickly train and deploy machine learning models to production. Integrating the model into the application can be done without any changes to the application code. People worldwide use AWS AI services for many cases like chatbot creation, text, images, videos, document analysis, fraud detection, DevOps, and many more. Also, Amazon AI services are used in various fields compared to other cloud providers. In fact, the famous 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant named AWS the leader in Cloud AI developer services among 13 other cloud service providers.

Better containerization support

While many cloud providers support containerization, AWS has far more mature and wider containerization services than others. Amazon EKS provides an easy execution experience of your Kubernetes clusters while gaining the fullest of its availability, scalability, and performance factors. Amazon's fully managed containerization service supports docker containers, and AWS Fargate provides a serverless compute engine for containers. Also, going beyond that, Amazon provides Bottlerocket Linux-based open-source operating system specifically built for running containers which they have made available as an Amazon Machine Image(AMI) at no cost.

Cloud Security and reliability

When we consider security options available in top cloud providers, all the cloud providers provide tight security for their resources. However, AWS provides more security options. AWS Identity Access Management provides free fine-grained access control and many advanced features with all registered AWS accounts. Also, AWS provides world-class encryption for all its products and has a key management service that takes out the burden of key management from its users. Also, other security features like AWS private cloud, threat detection, and built-in-security compliance tools make AWS a reliable and secure service. Thus, AWS is the top choice among many organizations when considering security and reliability factors.


Despite the increasing growth in cloud service providers worldwide, AWS has secured its position as the top market leader in the cloud. Many factors have contributed to this success. For example, AWS does better in achieving availability, efficiency, and scalability. Its broad AI platform is being used in a wide variety of fields. Also, AWS provides better containerization support, security, and reliability.

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