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What is Spark SQL?

Spark SQL is the module that brings SQL support to Spark for processing structured data stored in its distributed datasets (Spark RDDs) and external data sources. Spark SQL provides an integrated development experience for developers by allowing them to merge SQL queries with functions from Dataframes API. Also, it enables...


Is AWS The King Of Cloud?

tl;dr, yes. Amazon Web Services (AWS), the oldest cloud computing service provider, still dominates the world’s Cloud Market. According to the research done by the Synergy Research Group, with 34 percent of the worldwide cloud infrastructure market in the second quarter of 2022, Amazon is still ahead of...


Yikes, Your GitHub Was Hacked? 5 Security Practices You Should've Implemented.

What Even Is GitHub? GitHub is the world's largest source code site, with over 73 million developers, 4 million companies, and over 200 million repositories. Why Care? GitHub security may get increasingly sophisticated and harder to manage as an organization's workforce grows. Furthermore, GitHub's security flaws, public repositories, and hardcoded...


Remix Run vs Next.js - Which is the Right React Framework for Your Project?

There are a number of frameworks built on top of React today, including Gatsby, Next.js, Remix, Redwood, Blitz, and others. In the past few years, Next.js has become one of the most popular frameworks thanks to its focus on performance, developer experience, and tight integration with Vercel deployment...


F&S Digital Relaunches Blog With New Writing Team

Hey there👋🏼, Sage here from F&S Digital. via GIPHY In 2019, we launched our first blog and had a ton of fun sharing side-projects and how-tos with everyone. At one point our tutorials were getting several thousands of clicks per month, but with the mess 2020 quickly became... we...

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